We're Central Florida's largest medical center specializing in automotive accident pain care and physical therapy.

Many accidents are seemingly harmless fender benders, but even those can lead to serious and often debilitating injuries if not treated properly and immediately. We specializes in accident care and work-related injuries, contact us today for a free consultation.

If you are injured in an accident you must see a Medical Doctor within 14 days if your car insurance company is to pay for your medical bills. We only hire the board certified doctors to care for you and your injuries. Call us today for a consultation.

Surgery has evolved over the years and there are many minimally evasive surgery alternatives. We will evaluate your possible need for surgery as a direct result from your auto accident and refer you to a local surgeon if need be with the highest standards and operative success rates.

Why choose Hess Spinal & Medical?

Free Final Examination

A lot of Medical Centers will charge you for finals but not Hess Spinal and Medical Centers. Contact us now for your free medical evaluation now!

Free Medical Records

Hess does not charge for Medical records. Please send a request to the MEDICAL RECORDS page above in the top tool bar or call us to have your records sent to you.

Electronic Records

Please use our convenient online medical records request form above to have your records securely and quickly emailed to your inbox.

Letter of Protection

We Accept LOP for payment of services to make sure that you get the best medical treatments available, while you work on settling your case.

Onsite Neuro Surgeon

Hess employs a Neuro Surgeon on staff to evaluate the treatment of the most serious of neurological injuries. Call now to set up your appointment!

Appointment Rides

Do you need transportation to your medical appointments? Call Hess to schedule your transport “to and from” your medical appointments.

24/7 Personal Help

Our staff is available 7 days a week (excluding holidays) & ready to help you. Please call 1-800-618-4377(Hess) 24/7 if you are injured or in pain!

Same Day Appointments

Are you in pain and need some help? Please call and we can get you scheduled same day for the help you need. We are here for you. Call now!